October 21, 2015

Color Show Lipsticks by Maybelline - Review & Swatches

I showed these lipsticks in my yesterday's haul post and here is the in depth review with swatches. I have no idea why I always end up with photo heavy posts when it comes to lipsticks but it is what it is. Enjoy!

October 20, 2015

Real Techniques - Wet N Wild - Maybelline : Pending Mini Haul!

A few weeks ago I was after buying either some lipsticks or some nail polishes; late night obsessions you know. I did a quick poll on my Facebook Page and most of the people advised me to go for lippies and hence, here is a haul.

September 28, 2015

Jewelry by OMG Jewelz - Review

Even though I do not wear jewelry all the time except for my wedding ring and eyebrow stud, I still love collecting jewelry whenever I can. But then, I am a person who would prefer to buy jewelry online but can we trust the quality and service of any website? I have had bad experiences in past but today I am glad to have one of the great options for you guys, living all across the globe. 

September 26, 2015

Lipliner Pencil by Golden Rose Cosmetics - Review & Swatch

Do you use lip liners? If yes, you might like this review but if not, you need to read this because you are missing on something good. Also, I will tell you how I use a lip liner and why it is essential for me!

September 21, 2015

Bohemian by Picture Polish - Review & Swatch

It has been almost two years since I published any nail polish reviews on my blog and I honestly feel bad about it. Hence, I promise myself to try and publish atleast one nail polish review every week. Today, as a fresh start to such posts, I have Bohemian by Picture Polish. Check out the full post for swatch & some macro shots of this beauty.