Bling Bling - Jewelry haul!

Who says you always have to go for expensive brands when buying something funky yet delicate and decent?
I was out shopping for Eid while I HAD TO stop at one stall in the market. It was not such a big one, nor it was really prominent. I saw these first two items on that stall and trust me I could not find any such thing any where else in such a great price. =)
My first jewelry item was these gorgeous earnings. I always look for something that is wearable with both eastern and western outfits, and found just the perfect stuff this time. =)
These earrings have this really cute, wiring net at the bottom and they feel really light on ears.
 (I can't stand heavy earrings) A few little pearly thingys are filled inside that round wire net. 
Cost : 250 PKR (RM 9 approx)

Second item was a heavy bracelet. It has black, silver and dull golden color and is suitable for both eastern and western outfits.
Cost : 300 PKR (RM 10 approx)

Third and last jewelry item that I bought was this beauty, made up of wooden beads and elastic material. I did not buy it from the same stall, found it in a super store. It was available in black and wooden beige colors.
Suitable for a casual day/night out.
Cost : 150 PKR (RM 5 approx)

I got all the stuff from Johar Town, Lahore, first two things were bought from GI market, a small stall and the wooden one I got from Jahangir Sons!

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Will you buy something like this when you are out shopping next time?
See you soon
*Stay Beautiful
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