My Broken Miss Taylor Kabuki

Have you ever thought how a Miss Taylor Kabuki (read review here) would look like from the inside? :O I never thought about it, but I got to look at it when one day I broke it accidently. I can not describe what I felt when it fell on the floor. My heart skipped a beat and I reached for it as fast as I could, but I was late. =(
Anyways, I fixed it the very next morning as my life without this brush is incomplete :P
I, however, thought to share a few pictures with you guys, so you won't have to hope for yours to break :P 

This is how it USUALLY looks like 

There goes the cap

I thought to use a little flash, so you guys could see the back
 I hope you have ENJOYED :p this post .... Have you ever break any of your brushes?Don't forget to participate in my on going giveaway for Travel Kit in Black and F45 Buffer Brush!
See you soon
*Stay Beautiful

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