Lip Products - Favorites of 2012 # 6

I have been a lip gloss lover since I have very dry lips but unexpectedly some awesome products caused less  lip glosses in this post. Let's find out why I love these lip products picks?

Cherry Culture Lip Balm

Starting with the lip balms, left - right;
  • First Face's lip balm in 'orange' has been my all time favorite since it is really moisturizing and almost any flavor/scent I tried is just so refreshing. I don't know if it is available anywhere in the world, but I get mine from Pakistan.
  • Cherry Culture's lip balm in 'chocolate' (review coming soon) has been in my use since the day I got it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. The scent is great but very mild, it is not sticky & it keeps my lips hydrated for really long hours. 

Luscious Cosmetics & Golden Rose 2000 Lipsticks

Luscious Cosmetics & Golden Rose 2000 Lipsticks
(L - R) Luscious Cosmetics's Signature Lipstick & Golden Rose 2000's Lipstick

Left - right;
  • Luscious Cosmetic launched their Signature Lipstick collection (review & more shades here) last year. No doubt they did a great job with the formula and so far these lipsticks have the longest wearing period than any other lipsticks that I own or tried. The one you see in the picture is in shade '14 - Dusty Pink'. This shade looks a bit dark in the swatch always but it goes really well to achieve nude finish.
  • Golden Rose 2000's lipstick is the first lipstick I ever used. I have bought it over and over again. This one is in shade 07 and it is just a perfect nude shade that I love.

OCC Lip Tars, Sleek Pout Paint & BeautyUK Lip Gloss

OCC Lip Tars, Sleek Pout Paint & BeautyUK Lip Gloss

Left - right;

  • BeautyUK's Lip Lust in 'Office Chic' (review here) has been my most favorite lip gloss. It looks shimmery but it is perfect to achieve from most neutral to most party look. I love the pigmentation and longevity of this gloss. Mostly I layer it on top of a nude lipstick. 
  • Sleek's Paint Pout in 'Pin Up' (review here) speaks for itself. Such lip stains are great if you are not a lipstick person but want the color to stay for really long hours. This is no doubt a perfect & inexpensive dupe for OCC  Lip Tars.
  • OCC Lip Tars (review here) have been so much fun this year, mixing them together and with other lip products was the most fun. They are super pigmented and stain the lips for really long hours.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. There is still one more post to come from this series. You can see the rest of the posts from this series over here.

Tell me your favorite lip products of this year as well.

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