Nail Polishes - Favorites of 2012 # 7 & Happy New Year!

Here comes the last post of the series Favorites of 2012. I had so much fun doing the series and your response made it so special. Also, since tonight will be the New Year's Night, I would like to wish all of you a very happy new year ahead and may you all & your loved ones stay blessed.

Color Studio Professional, Avon & Picture Polish's Nail Polishes

I do not apply nail polish everyday because of my hectic routine but I love to paint my nails on all possible occasions. Also, my favorite nail polishes are the ones that stayed on my nails even when I cook, clean & wash every single day. Left - right;

  • Color Studio Professional's Haute Nails in Haute Denim (review here) is a gorgeous shade that dries quick and have a remarkably long wear period.
  • Avon's nail polish in Rose Water (review here) is my perfect nude shade again with quick drying and long wear time.
  • piCture pOlish's Tease (review here) is my most favorite glitter nail polish because it has a quick drying time, it comes off easy and stayed for more days than any glitter nail polish I tried. (the bottle has been labeled wrong)
That is it for this series. You can read the rest of the posts from this series over here. Do let me know in the comments how did you find these since you feedback always help me bring better content for you guys and to improve my work.

What are your picks for nail polishes this year?

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