Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation - Review & Swatch (Guest Post)

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In the "Summer times" everything promising to be matte seems good for ones oily and shiny face. I also bought Rimmel Stay Matte as it claimed up to 12 hours Natural shine control. Did it proved the claim or laid down flat? To Know More Read More!!!

This one comes in a light beige colored plastic squeezable tube with a nozzle, which is capped with the same color plastic screw cap. All the details including ingredients are printed on the tube, both sides. Surviving time is 18 months, Made in England. Net wt. 1 fl oz/ 30 ml. 



My Summers are usually makeup less as I am that "oily pepper corn". My skin is really oily and shines every time. So for me Summers are USUALLY a "NO MAKEUP" time as makeup can only make the scene more worst either by being cakey or just by transferring along the sweat and worst cum worst can clog the pores, so I wanted to try a liquid foundation this time. In search of some liquid foundation which can cope with all this I found Rimmel Stay Matte claiming high and yet in my budget. Bought it instantly and hoped really high. Well it was good but the claim of Natural shine control up to 12 hours washed away in just one hour. May be the weather in this region too humid than in England, I am sure it can give matte finish on lesser humid places. Though the time I spent wearing it in the air-conditioned room it behaved really well but as the electricity went away it started transferring along the sweat and the much I touched the skin to wipe off the sweat and oil, it died off. I used it once or twice and saved it for the good times as the weather became less humid I tried it again but this time it disappointed me once again. The application is tricky one as it dries too quickly so one has to work on blending in portions, then although it is my shade "Fair Ivory" it formed another skin on my face, doesn't sink in my complexion and I felt as wearing a mask, Although no one else felt that but I felt uncomfortable with this one. I discontinued using this one may be its not for me. I will definitely try Rimmel Stay matte Pressed powder next Summers as Powders tend to cope with oiliness and shine better than liquids and the product is well raved among makeup lovers.

This one is available in stores Nationwide for Pkr 850 can be bought online from just4girls.pk.

The product doesn't prove to be great for my skin may be it suites you esp if you live in a less humid region and want a matte finish naturally.


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