Haul (Feb 2013) - Trip to Pakistan - Gifts and Buys!

I was really excited to go back to Pakistan this time, after one whole year. I literally started shopping the moment I entered the Kuala Lumpur Airport. Then I shopped for some stuff in Pakistan, that I could not get in Malaysia. And there were some gifts, one you saw already in my Pakistani Beauty Bloggers' Meetup post and the rest are a surprise.

Haul (Feb 2013) - Trip to Pakistan - Gifts and Buys!
YSL products

My very first high end products that I bought by myself, unexpectedly. My hubbsie wanted to get a YSL perfume for himself so we entered into an outlet at Kuala Lumpur airport. When we picked a perfume, the sales girl told me that if I buy something else and the total reaches to RM 350, I will be getting a free YSL gift. I bluntly said no because I did no have enough money to spend on such high end stuff and the one thing I wanted to get was way too expensive so I kind of thought to pass on to this offer but Eddy, being pretty generous, told me to get something. I wanted to get an eyeliner pencil but there was no black color so I picked a lip liner which wasn't pretty expensive as well. 

So the pouch, small lip liner, lipstick and skin care stuff was in the gift while I bought a lip liner in shade 7, which is in the box. You will see it in a review very soon. The lip liner costs RM 69.
Haul (Feb 2013) - Trip to Pakistan - Gifts and Buys!
Essence products

I wanted to get some Catrice products but like three girls at different stores told me that the brand has been disconnected. =/ So instead I picked a few Essence products. I know I can find these here but I thought to check out the price differences as well because so far I have found that Malaysia has high prices for makeup.

Haul (Feb 2013) - Trip to Pakistan - Gifts and Buys!
Rivaj UK products

I got this just to review them as I was hearing good reviews about Rivaj and then the prices and shades were pretty good too. These are a few lip/eye liners.

Haul (Feb 2013) - Trip to Pakistan - Gifts and Buys!

The ring <3 I got from Stylo on 50% sale for PKR 500 approx and that liner brush is by Kryolan for PKR 200 approx. The third thing is a nail filer I got from Malaysia because I lost my beloved and most use Belini Nail Filer. I haven't tried this one yet but this looked interesting as it is some kind of thick plastic/stone. 

Another short story; I asked a sales girl at Al-fatah DHA Lahore, to give me a really fine liner brush but that should not be fake. Then I asked her for a Kryolan brush as I knew they are pretty good. She showed me one that looked exactly same and told me that this is Kryolan's brush. I could not find the company's name on it so she went like, this is made in Germany. I asked her clearly. 'is this fake'? She said NO, this is the same company but they made it in Germany. I literally asked her on simple question like 4 times, 'is it fake'? ans by the start of my 5th time, she went like 'please go to that (pointing towards another counter) girl if you want original brushes. I knew it was fake but I wanted to hear this from her mouth because apparently, she wasn't being fair with me.

Haul (Feb 2013) - Trip to Pakistan - Gifts and Buys!
Luscious Cosmetics products

The goodies you see in above picture are the ones I got in my goody bag at Beauty Bloggers Meet Up sponsored by Luscious Cosmetics. I loved each and everything from the goody bag. You will see detailed reviews pretty soon. But I have already reviewed Catwalk Liquid Eye Liner & Signature Lipstick.

Haul (Feb 2013) - Trip to Pakistan - Gifts and Buys!
Love, Love & Love <3

Now comes the most precious gifts I got while I was in Pakistan. The mug <3 and black wrist band are from my sister-in-law Palwashe. It was such a surprise when I got these. I so love these. And the silver wrist band you see is by my sister Sania. It has a cute little story behind it; I gave it to her a few months ago. She didn't use it at all and gave it to me to wear on a wedding. I didn't wear it either and wore something else. I went to my Maa's place and left it in a shopping bag in her room. The next day I cam back and while I was packing for Malaysia, I found the shopping bag in the bag I took to my Maa's place. Apparently my youngest sister, Fatema, packed it in my bag thinking that it is mine. So now, it is officially mine. =D 

Haul (Feb 2013) - Trip to Pakistan - Gifts and Buys!

This is it for this haul post. Let me know in the comments if you want me to review a specific product soon. My trip was amazing in terms of meeting all my family and the bloggers' meetup was a surprise as well. No matter how long I stay there, the days pass by so quickly. Ah, I am missing everyone again so much. <3

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