Pro Base Fixing Mist by Makeup Academy - Review & Swatch

The happiest moment when you buy a product thinking it will do something good and it actually does a great job. Makeup Academy's Pro Base Fixing Mist made me happy, will it make you happy too?

Pro Base Mixing Mist:
Fixes your makeup in place all day long. Protects against heat, humidity, cold and windy conditions; whatever your day throws at you - your makeup will hold in place!

To Use:
Apply makeup as normal.
Shake your fixing mist and then hold at arms length and spray in a horizontal swishing motion until you have your desired cover. Avoid direct contact with eyes Moisterises and hydrates skin Micro-fine mist for easy application Up to 8 hours fixing time.

Pro Base Fixing Mist by Makeup Academy - Review & Swatch
Pro Base Fixing Mist by Makeup Academy - Review & Swatch

Product Description & Packaging:
Pro Base Fixing Mist by MUA comes in a plastic spray bottle. It has a water like consistency and is used to set makeup for longer wear time. Each bottle contains 60ml of product.

Overall Experience:
Sometimes I feel tired thinking about all those additional steps in makeup application. Lets go back a couple of years and think about base application. A concealer and a foundation were more than enough but now we have moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer, contour & highlighter just to create a nice canvas to apply rest of the products before we set everything with a finishing powder but now comes one more final step (more like a final boss - gamers would know =P), formally known as Fixing Spray. I have been seeing it in use for a past couple of years but I thought the use was just for the brides so their makeups would stay in place for longer hours. But now that I am into makeup, I thought to try one as soon as MUA launched one. Despite of being lazy, thinking about all the makeup application steps, I haven't skipped using fixing spray on every formal and semi-formal occasion ever since I have got it.

It works like a charm to remove all the flaky-ness of full coverage foundations and all the cakey-ness from powder applications. It does not remove all the dry patches from the face but definitely reduces them a lot. It smells great and feels really refreshing during hot weather. The formula is so light and leave a dewy skin behind. If you are expecting a matte finish, you might need to dab a bit of powder on your face after you set your makeup with this spray, but for me, a dewy finish is more natural looking.

I haven't noticed any longevity in my makeup actually. It used to stay for almost same hours with a primer underneath. But I just love how it makes my base, skin-like, even if I am wearing a full coverage foundation.

How I Use It:
I do my makeup normally and then spray this mist on my face from about a two feet distance. I feel like I spray more than normal but that works fine for me. I keep my eyes closed for about 30 seconds. Then I take a fluffy brush, that I usually use for my finishing powder, and lightly dab on my face while the spray is still there a bit. I know this step is not necessary but I feel like it gives me a better finish. I do not touch my eyes at all and go for my lipstick at the end.

This spray has helped me a lot when I was in Pakistan a few days back. I literally did my makeup in a torch light so many times and I was always scared that my foundation might look cakey but using this fixing spray at the end ensured a skin-like finish plus it feels good in hot weather.

I have never tried Rose Water in place for a fixing spray but I have heard that it works fine to remove cakey-ness from the foundation as well. Do let me know if you have ever tried it so people who don't want to use a fixing spray, can get an inexpensive alternate.

Overall, I am loving this fixing spray for all the good things it has to offer but I haven't noticed my makeup to last longer than it usually does.

Cost & Availability:
Pro Base Fixing Mist by MUA is retailed at £5.00 and is available online at Makeup Academy's website. They only accept PayPal and ships to the countries that has PayPal services. In Pakistan, you can get all Makeup Academy products from at very affordable prices.

Have you tried MUA's fixing spray yet? Do share if you have any alternate methods.

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