Ozotic 617 - Review & Swaches

I love blue shades in nail polishes but I love them even more if they have a twist in them while having a perfect formula. Does this Ozotic polish have the formula I would love to wear? Let's find out.

Ozotic 617:
Ozotic 617 is a light turquoise blue holo that has no glitter! 617 contains a scattered holo element that will bring rainbows to your fingertips! Your nails will take on a whole new dimension when in bright light or sunlight

Product Description & Packaging:
Ozotic 617 comes in a transparent glass bottle with a brush applicator and plastic grip. As far as I know, ozotic polishes contain 15ml of product though it is not written on the bottle. It has a very smooth formula with blue holo which goes extraordinary smooth on nails.

Ozotic 617
Ozotic 617
Ozotic 617
Ozotic 617

I took these swatches in two different lights and you can clearly see longer and shorter nails. On my short nails, I applied one coat of Muse by Luscious Cosmetics (such a beauty itself) and then one coat of Ozotic 617. These photos are taken in artificial light. On my longer nails, I applied two coats of Ozotic 617. These photos are taken in natural light.

Ozotic 617 & Muse by Luscious Cosmetics
Ozotic 617 - Swatch (artificial light)
Ozotic 617 - Swatch (artificial light)
Ozotic 617 - Swatch (natural light)
Ozotic 617 - Swatch (natural light)
Ozotic 617 - Swatch (natural light)

Overall Experience:
For this polish, I don't have much to say. I would start by saying that, blue could not look more sassy on nails if it wasn't for Ozotic 617. It has a lovely smooth texture with lots of detail coming from that light blue holo. It goes fully opaque in two coats and dries in decent time. It stays on my nails for good five days before it starts to chip off and for a full time mommy, this is a pretty good staying time. I will end by saying, I have got another gorgeous blue in my collection that I pick up more often even on regular days. It is really shiny in sunlight and looks great in artificial light as well.

I have tried other Ozotic shades and most of them were too creamy to have full coverage without smudging on nails because they just don't dry. This one is just perfect for me.

Overall, I am super in love with this shade and formula.

pssst...I have one more beauty from Ozotic range that I am just loving these days. Can you guess? (*hint: it has green shade)

Cost & Availability:
Each bottle of Ozotic 617 costs AU$12. You can scan the QR code below to directly go to the website to buy it or you can go to piCture pOlish's website to get one for you. The ship worldwide and have amazing everyday deals. You can also find one of their network members in your country to shed off extra bucks from shipping cost.

If you living in Malaysia, you can buy this shade from me too since I am piCture pOlish's network member from Malaysia now. Find more details on my blog shop page.

Have you tried Ozotics yet? How was your experience?

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