Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation - Review & Swatch

We all try to find a foundation that gives a flawless yet natural finish with a long lasting staying power especially when it comes to summers when everything including our makeup melts no matter what we do. Today I have a foundation to share with you all that might saves lots of your days and nights of touch-ups.

Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation:
ARTDECO Rich Treatment Foundation is a light-reflecting creamy foundation that evens out skin imperfections.

With medium-high coverage Rich Treatment Foundation is formulated with Squalane to smooth the skin whilst UV Filters protect against environmental damage.

Providing an even complexion with imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles ARTDECO Rich Treatment Foundation is luxuriously creamy and gives a flawless, velvet finish.

Product Description & Packaging:
The foundation is in cream texture and comes in a glass bottle, loved the sturdy packaging. It contains 20 ml of product and as far as I know, it comes in five shades; 10 Sunny Shell, 12 Vanilla Rose, 15 Cashmere Rose, 17 Creamy Honey & 28 Light Porcelain. It has a twist cap and a spatula is attached to the twist cap which you can use to scoop out the product.

The shade I got is 17 Creamy Honey. This particular shade is suitable for medium skin tones. I personally felt that it was a tad bit darker than my skin tone, amm like a 1/2 shade darker but that kind of work for me as it does not make me look tan. This shade has a neutral undertone which I really like.

Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation - Review & Swatch
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation - Review & Swatch
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation - Review & Swatch
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation - Review & Swatch
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation - Review & Swatch
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation - Review & Swatch
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation

Overall Experience:
I have never been much of a fan of cream foundation as I feel like even though they give medium to full coverage, they tend to look and feel quite heavy on skin. I totally feel suffocating even when thinking about wearing such foundations during hot weather. Oh and by the way, Malaysia has hot and humid weather throughout the year so I have to watch what I wear in everyday routine. As for Pakistan and many other countries, summer is already starting to show up so I know you guys can relate to my weather quite fine by now. :D

Back to the point! I am 100% in love with this foundation. I have tried it over and over again for weeks and it did not ditch me at all. The product is so pigmented that you can achieve medium coverage with a small amountt. It blends easily and flawlessly with fingers, sponge and brushes. Coverage is build-able with second layer. Oh and I personally like to scoop out the product on back of my hand instead of applying it directly with the spatula, for hygiene purpose.

I also apply it under my eyes and it covers up all blemishes, redness and discoloration all over the face really nicely without having a need to apply concealer. Since the product is meant to be for dry, normal and sensitive skin types; I did not expect it to work for my oil/combination skin type but unexpectedly, it did work for me.

Staying power is impressive and it does not move for good 6-8 hours even with sweating. Also, it did not crease under the eyes which is a huge plus for the product.

This is how I have been using it; just the foundation (no primers / setting powder) and I have used it while staying home all day doing my wife-y / mommy chores, for doing tough groceries (where you buy atleast one month supply) and to work. I also go for a 30-35 minute walk about 2-3 times a week and kept the foundation on. Following are the results where I used only this foundation and no other powder products. The maximum I used was lip balm, mascara & brow pencil.

- It stayed on even when I was heavily sweating which showed that skin was able to breath and sweat was coming through it instead of taking it off with it aka sweat / water resistant.
- After patting the face with a tissue, foundation looked same as I applied first.
- No creasing under the eyes.
- No transferring of the product onto anything; phone etc.
- Skin did not feel hot when I was in hot conditions.
- Except for my T-zone, rest of my face stayed dewy while my T-zone gets oily in about two hours which is normal for me.

I would also like to add that for me, this product did not give that ultra matte or ultra shiny finish, it was dewy to the level where it was not shiny and looked skin-like. Since the shade is a bit darker than my skin tone, I didn't feel too washed out as I wanted results without using powder products on top so I could see if the product is worth the price.

One addition thing where I will also be making a confession is that I am not taking very good care of  my skin for fast few weeks and I have been skipping exfolitaion lately which cause dry patches on my forehead, nose and cheeks area with most of the products that I would use but this one just worked magic for me.

Overall, I am 100% in love with this foundation and I can honestly say that I have never been in as much love with any foundation as I am now with Artdeco's Rich Treatment Foundation. I like to test the product for the claims it makes and this product has passed all my tests.

Cost & Availability:
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation costs pkr 2190 and you can find it in all major stores across Pakistan. Join Artdeco Pakistan's Facebook page for more details. You can also buy it online from and they ship within Pakistan as well. For overseas, I saw it costing about $33 / £22 online so you might wanna check a few websites before you order it.

What do you look for in your dream foundation? Have you found the perfect one yet?

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*Stay Beautiful

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