Real Techniques - Wet N Wild - Maybelline : Pending Mini Haul!

A few weeks ago I was after buying either some lipsticks or some nail polishes; late night obsessions you know. I did a quick poll on my Facebook Page and most of the people advised me to go for lippies and hence, here is a haul.

I got Real Techniques' Sculpting Set and Concealer Brush before my lipsticks and since I didn't get a chance to use them and then the lippies arrived, I thought to just post a mini haul which clearly is pretty pending now since I have already used all this stuff many many & many times.

The single Wet N Wild eyeshadow you see is shimmer shadow in Sugar and I ordered it from along with my seven Maybelline's Color Show Lipsticks. You can see all the shades in below photo and I have no idea why I bought so many of reds when I don't really wear reds in my everyday routine but I will blame my heart for this impulsiveness.

Cost & Availability:

RT Sculpting Set - $20 [if I am not wrong] from Real Techniques [worldwide shipping]
RT Concealer Brush - $8 from Real Techniques [worldwide shipping]
Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks - MYR 26.50 each [limited countries]
Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single -  MYR 7 to 10.50 each [limited countries]

You will see a review with swatches on this lipsticks within next few days so stay tuned for that.

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Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful


  1. I really want to get the RT Sculpting set, all of the brushes look useful. Hauls are the best types of posts lol.

  2. Real Techniques makes some really great brushes! If you haven't already, you need to try their setting brush whenever you use powder to set your under eye concealer, it also works really well for highlighting as well. The sculpting brush is really great from the kit you just talked about above. Love using it for cream contour as well as for powder contour. Wish I visited Pakistan more often, haha would bring it for everyone I know.

  3. Loved using Wet n Wild sensational red lipstick and concealer that I purchased from


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