Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas - Review & Discount Code

I love a fresh smelling house but I also get very sneezy if the scent is too overwhelming. The idea of using an Essential Oil Diffuser was a bit overwhelming for me because I had no idea what to expect but once I tried it, I knew I made the right choice. Read the full post to know my full experience with this product, from placing an order to delivery to the usage.

Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas - Review & Discount Code

In this section. I usually add the claims the company makes about their product but since Organic Aromas has a huge list of claims, I will be discussing everything later in this post and will be telling you if (from my personal experience) it worked for me or not. Also, 10% discount code will be waiting for you later in this post. =D

Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas - Review & Discount Code

Product Description & Packaging:
I would like to start by mentioning that the packaging in which the actual diffuser came in, was really high quality. The first box was a thick brown box in which there was another box with company's logo on it (the one you can see in the photo) and then every item and accessory was placed in a cushiony foam packaging. The whole foam-packaging-part had another foam layer which is peaking from the bottom-left corner in the photo above.

The components in the package included; a wooden base, a glass reservoir, a glass cap, an adapter, a bottle of essential oil blend, an instructional manual, two droppers and a one-time-use discount code. (Don't worry, the one in this post is different and every one of you can use it but for a limited time.)

The oil blend I got was in the scent called Pacific Northwest and the manual is also available online in different languages.

Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas - Review & Discount Code
Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas - Review & Discount Code

Overall Experience:
I am going to break this section down into a few so it is easy for you to find the information you are looking for the most.

Placing An Order
Organic Aromas sent me the amount via PayPal so I can place an order for the product and have the experience as well. And since I went through the whole process, I would like to let you know about it too. I placed my order at their Amazon store which was offering free shipment to my country. It wasn't my first time placing an order on Amazon and this part went pretty smooth for me. I placed my order on 27th of November, 2017 and received it on 5th of December, 2017. Free shipping option, which is fast and trackable, is always a good point for me.

Not everything always goes super smooth and I had some hiccups here as well. Everything, from outer box to inner packaging, was perfect, except for the super fragile glass reservoir. That thing had such a major crack that it could not be used. I contacted Organic Aromas via email and they dispatched a replacement for the reservoir right away which I received pretty quickly too but my dear postal service here was probably angry at something that day. The box was literally crushed and I could hear the shattered pieces of glass inside. I contacted the company again and they assured me that this is not normal and I believed them because the box that the item came in was pretty thick, there was foam inside and on top of that, the reservoir was packed in multiple layers of bubble wrap.

Even though the item is pretty fragile, it looked like someone stepped on the box. Anyways, I received another replacement within a few days and this time, the packaging was absolutely same as before but luckily, the postal service was in a good mood. The reservoir was in 100% perfect condition.

To be honest, I know how hard it is to ship glass items but the friendly response I got from the company made me feel ashamed of our postal service. I believe in All's well that ends well and plus the company assured me that my experience was unusual and their current damaged item rate is below 0.5% which sounds good to ship a fragile item, internationally. Wow, that's an essay for you!

First Use
I am not a person who will read the manuals. Yass I like to live dangerously, haha! But I did not want to mess up my experience so I read the manual before doing anything else. Fortunately, I did the right thing. I was going to put the reservoir into the base the wrong way and in the manual, they actually mentioned NOT TO DO THIS for people like me. Anyways, I followed the manual step by step and my 9 year old assisted me while being super excited to see some kind of magic.

As soon as the diffuser was plugged in, it started producing a mist with an almost minimal buzz sound which you can hear only if you have your head very close to the base. I will not lie when I tell you that the immediate burst of the scent of Pacific Northwest was way too intense for me. I kept the settings to the minimum and in barely 15 minutes, my whole house was scented noticeably.

This scent is a bit spicy for me if I want to use it on regular basis but it made me feel like I was sitting in a spa in Langkawi and that made me feel so good because if you have been following me on Instagram & Snapchat, you must know how often and how much I have enjoyed Langkawi this year. Aah, I miss that heavenly place already!

The diffuser has a usage cycle of two hours, which runs for 2 minutes and then stops for 1 minute throughout those two hours. It stops automatically after two hours and if the scent is not enough, you can run it for more cycles. I could smell the scent in both stories of my home in 15 minutes so I stopped the cycle. Oh, and I added 20 drops of essential oil in the diffuser because I thought it will run for two hours straight but 5-7 drops are more than enough for this duration.

How long did the scent from 15-minute cycle last?
Unexpectedly, for next two days, my house smelled amazing. You know how you get used to a smell if it is around you for quite some time? We noticed the burst of scent when we entered the house each time for next two days. The scent was surely mild but it was more than enough for me.

Repetitive Usage
After that first use, I just wanted my home to smell fresh and nice all the time so I kept on using it for a few minutes at a time. I am keeping it on my kitchen counter at the moment so the scent gets a bit overwhelming when I am working there but even a few minutes are more than enough to spread the scent all over the house and even in the upper portion of the house.

All cleaning instructions are also given in the instructional manual which you get with the diffuser. The manual is also available online and following the instructions for clean up is pretty easy too. The diffuser does not need to be cleaned too often if you use it for a few minutes every 2-3 days but if for some reason, you are running it for hours and hours every day, you should clean it once a week. Also, if you leave the oils in the reservoir and do not use it for days or weeks, it is a good idea to clean it to make sure there is no blockage of any kind and diffuser is doing its job at best.

In the user manual, you are advised to use rubbing alcohol to clean the reservoir but since I do not have access to rubbing alcohol, I use Isopropyl Alcohol at the moment. Before using Isopropyl, I confirmed from Organic Aromas and they said that it is perfectly fine to use it for cleaning purpose.

Isopropyl acts like rubbing alcohol, you can use it to sanitize items and also to fix makeup.

Safety & Price Point
Raindrop Diffuser by Organic Aromas is a little towards pricey side if you do not look at the long-term saving points. It is a lot safer than candles and in the long run, you will be producing a lot less waste and you won't have to spend money on repurchasing candles. We all know that nice smelling candles are not cheap and they can be a big safety concern at times. With Raindrop Diffuser, you are using pure oils which has a ton of health benefits* and since it can turn off automatically in two hours, forgetting about it is also not a safety hazard, unlike candles. It also does not get hot at all.

Coupon Code
Organic Aromas have been very generous to provide me with a site-wide 10% discount code for all my readers for next two weeks. You can use SAHRISHADEEL at checkout on their website but make sure you place your order before the code is expired. They ship worldwide and the shipping is really fast, plus the customer service is amazing too.

Final Verdict:
I am hooked to this Raindrop Diffuser for all the good reasons I mentioned above. I will, however, try other essential oils and look for something a bit more subtle. If you have any recommendation for a certain scent for the essential oil, please let me know in the comments! 

I highly recommend this diffuser if you are already into diffusers and/or you love candles but are tired of spending money on them and also have safety concerns.

* Since the post is already pretty long, I will be posting about all the health benefits of essential oils in a separate post & will make sure to link it here.

Cost & Availability:
Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser costs US$95 | 10,000 PKR | 400 MYR and can be purchased online from Organic Aromas' official website. They ship worldwide and have so many exciting products to choose from. Don't forget to use my discount code SAHRISHADEEL for 10% off of your entire purchase.

Have you used essential oil diffusers or thinking about getting one? Which essential oils is your favorite?

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful

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