Rose Powder Blushers by Milani Cosmetics - Review & Swatches

Practical things can look pretty and Milani Rose Powder Blushers are the proof of it. I have been using these for ages and my love for this beautiful packaging never faded. But do they work well? Let's find out.

Rose Powder Blushers by Milani Cosmetics - Review & Swatches
Rose Powder Blushers by Milani Cosmetics - Review & Swatches

Rose Powder Blushers by Milani Cosmetics:
They claim: 'A radiant blush that deserves to be seen, Rose Powder Blush is gorgeous in the compact and even prettier on cheeks. The soft, natural-finish powder shapes, contours, and highlights with flattering matte and shimmery shades made to complement every skin tone. This is one petal-perfect beauty that you'll reach for again and again.'

Rose Powder Blushers by Milani Cosmetics - Review & Swatches

Product Description & Packaging:
These blushers come in a gorgeous gold packaging with a transparent lid. Everything is made up of very high-quality plastic. Rose Blush comes in many shades but most of the times, you can only find four shades in stock in most online stores. Shades I am reviewing today are Romantic Rose, Coral Cove, and Tea Rose. Just like the name suggests, the product is pressed like a rose impression and each pan contains 17 grams of product.

Rose Powder Blushers by Milani Cosmetics - Review & Swatches
Rose Powder Blushers by Milani Cosmetics - Review & Swatches

Overall Experience:
I fell in love with the packaging without even purchasing the product and once I got my hands on these, I wished that the formula is equally good. I have been using these for a very long time and I have been asked many times to swatch and review these gorgeous blushers.

Starting with the pigmentation, these are not highly pigmented which is a good thing for some and does not work for others. None of these three were high in pigmentation but Romantic Rose was lowest in pigmentation, Tea Rose has medium and decent pigmentation and Coral Cove is highest in pigmentation among all.

Personally, I feel like I get more control when I have the ability to layer a product, especially when it comes to powder blushers. Even though the pigmentation is not high and you might want to feel like picking up more product than you think is enough but I advise you not to do that. These blushers are very powdery and if you try to place the excess product on your skin, it can leave patches and will look chalky. But if you pick a small amount of product on your brush, these work beautifully.

One light swirl of brush in this blush is good for a very sheer layer of color for Coral Cove and Tea Rose and two usually work for me unless I am trying to shoot a makeup look in tons of lighting. To be honest, pigmentation for Romantic Rose is so low that I don't reach for that shade anymore and my go-to shades are the other two only.

The formula blends beautifully and stays on for 6+ hours and even more if I set my face with a makeup mist. I recently used Tea Rose in a makeup look that you can see below.

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Overall, the quantity and quality are great for the price and the packaging is a treat for the eyes. These blushers also make a great gift so keep that in mind too. I am really happy to have Coral Cove and Tea Rose in my collection and as for my everyday application, I would literally use Tea Rose without any other face product on and it gives me such a natural blush.

If you are thinking to buy these, I highly recommend Tea Rose and Coral Cove but I will advise you to stay away from Romantic Rose, however, the kind of light pigmentation might look good on very fair skin tone but not for medium skin tone.

Rose Powder Blushers by Milani Cosmetics - Review & Swatches

Cost & Availability:
Each Rose Powder Blusher by Milani Cosmetics costs anywhere from US$6 to US$16 depending on where you buy it from. These are available online and in-store on many websites and you might find the difference in price. I got mine for about US$12 each and it was still worth it. I am including a few links to authentic websites below so you can check these out without worrying.

Beauty Bay - My fav website to buy makeup. They have more than 4 shades in stock.
- Milani Cosmetics - Official website
Target - (now shipping internationally)
- Walmart
- Lazada
Daraz pk

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